It's a little concealed fact that I am creepishly obsessed with all things Tolkien. I would like to say that I am his number one fan, but I don't know if I can compete against this chick who spent her life savings and raised support online to create a Lord of the Rings Prequel. That's pretty intense.

And I probably can't even argue for the number two spot as that arguably belongs to Stephen Colbert. But you know what? Third place isn't that bad.

Anywho, yesterday, I was about to purchase tickets to the midnight premiere of TinTin (what the heck is that?) just to see the new trailer for The Hobbit. Fortunately for this broke little gal's pocket book, someone leaked it online a few hours early.

So this is my gift to all of you little hobbitses who once dressed up as Bilbo Baggins and ran around an imaginary mountain (unfortunately, Grace remembers none of this).

Awkward Confessions: I am apparently the worst packer ever. I forgot my glasses, my medication, my jacket, my phone charger, toothpaste, and a book I'm writing a paper on. What did I remember to bring with me?

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: Christmas reflections. Suggested viewing to really understand what I have to say: Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda, etc. Let's just say that the post will probably be a little unconventional.

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