Notes from a Hermit

O hey Blogger world. I didn't see you there. For months.

So I noticed today that I have become such a hermit ... In between homework and the job search, my only real socialization has been with two cats and a dog.

It also occurred to me that it is awfully difficult to love the people around me when I essentially have no people around me except on the weekends (during which I seem to always be traveling). Dear friends, if you have anything going on in life, just let me know. Even though I do not see people, I would still like to be praying for them.

I'd also like to start blogging more. I'd be nice to write about something besides nonprofit theory once in a while. On that note...

Here are some brief updates:

  • I set up a writing corner in a private room in my house. Thus far, nothing epic has been written. 
  • I also bought some lettuce seedlings and planted some herbs. I have not yet successfully kept a plant alive for more than six months, but I have hope. I just think it would be nice to grow my own food - economical and healthy.
  • Nonprofit management courses were designed to kill me.
  • I have given up on ever finding a job (insert swoon here).
  • I read El Leon, La Bruja, y El Ropero (that's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for you gringos) and listened to the audiobook. I think I learned more Spanish in seventeen chapters than I did in my bajillion years of education. 
  • I have another update that makes me giggle when I think about it, but I promised myself that I wouldn't tell people for at least two weeks. It's really no big deal. I just love having a secret that no one knows (no, Jessica, it's not a tattoo). 

Some of you may know that I like to have a daily crisis. Today, my daily crisis is over my daily motto. Once a motto has become part of my everyday vernacular, I have to find a new one.

Some of my favorites from the past include:

Clearly these are all derived from my role models.

Well, I am announcing that I am open for suggestions. Please feel free to supply suggestions.

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