Baby Steps

I haven't blogged much recently, and I miss it a little.

The primary reason that I have not blogged in a long while is because of time---I've been incredibly busy between work, classes, and Pioneers duties.

I feel like I'm at such a strange phase of life---I don't really feel like I have a real "grown up" job yet, but I also haven't been in the college for coming up on a year. I don't really know what I thought I would be doing right now, but I don't know if this was it.

Talking to Natalie the other weekend was so encouraging, though, because she reminded me that I basically am doing everything I have always wanted to do. While I feel like I am permanently stuck in the "aspiring" phase of being a writer, a missionary, a fighter for justice, a teacher of God's word, she helped me see that I am living and doing the things that I am passionate about right now. I'm just not getting payed for any of it. And that's ok. One little baby step at a time. All that the Lord calls us to is to follow Him daily.

Sorry so short, but I have to get back into blogging somehow... Baby steps.

Hypochondriac Moment of the Week: I recently discovered a small bump on the roof of my mouth, and I wonder if it's an extra tooth finally popping in or a brain tumor breaking through my hard palate.

Plans for My Future Life: Saving the babies. And/or the world. Seriously. Location TBA.

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