The Second Magical Meadow (a peak at my childhood mind)

Well, I haven't blogged much recently, much to my disappointment. I have had so many ideas for blogs recently, too.


Hopefully I can become a productive blogger again sometime soon. It'd be great if I was simply a productive writer again. I haven't been writing creatively or journaling. I don't think I've even written a check in the past month. (Psych. Rent was due today.)

For most people, forgetting to write for a month isn't that big of a deal. For an aspiring writer, it's suicide.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals for the year was to complete a written work that is (theoretically) ready for publication.

I do have one published work though that I can share with you. It is with great pride that I present you with a classic from the Shook family library:

The Second Magical Meadow
Written and Illustrated by Lauren Shook
Copyright (c) First Grade
All rights reserved 
(especially the movie rights...Disney, if you borrow this, consider yourself sued.)

impeccable reasoning

I got paranoid while posting this... details of my life all over the internet... it's horrifying.

You're stunned by my brilliance aren't you? Alert your local publisher. There's more where that came from.

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