Mom-day Monday

I babysat the lovely L today. She's about three months and is just absolutely exquisite. Not only did I get to hang out with one of the coolest kids on the block, but I also got to practice mom-skills.
It looks so serene...
Don't be fooled.
I have so much admiration for mothers and fathers.  In between feeding and burping and rocking and playing, I had much less time to sit and write/read/apply for jobs/make phone calls than I anticipated. I was sure that I could finish up a blog post or two. But, alas, I was at the young L's disposal.
I can't imagine also giving time and attention to two other children while making meals and grocery shopping and cleaning and holding down a job and leading a home team and hanging out with random college kids who think you're great--- and all with grace.
I take my hat off to you both, Piper and Landry.
And now, I am utterly exhausted.
Yes, it is 10:00.
Don't judge.

On My Mind: Fried foods sound really good right now... bizarre.
Listening to: a strange, water-ish noise coming from one of the walls in my room... that can't be good.

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  1. I'm not going to lie; based on the title of this post, I thought this entry was somehow related to our house.