some people might call it the early stages of hoarding...

I have a confession. I'm a pack rat--- especially when it comes to paper.  If I've ever written on anything, I've probably kept it for at least a few years.

Case in point: 
Apparently I saved all of my homework and notes from high school. 

This was just part of it...

Also uncovered: all my notes from middle school, arranged by friend.
Silly? Ridiculous? You bet.
But while thumbing through all my stuff, I found some pretty funny things that I think I'll be sharing over the next few weeks. Some of it is pretty embarrassing, but since one of my goals is to learn to laugh at myself more, I'm going to post it.

Prepare for my new weekly feature: From the Mixed Up Files.

This week's embarrassing tidbit --- This one time in middle school, I won the Math Olympics. Be jealous.
In My Pocket: Lint. Well that was predictable.
Last Person to Text Me: Hilary :))))

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