Day One in the Year of the Brave

So as a random update, I have decided to call this the Year of the Brave. No more Miss Nice-ScaredyCat-Lady. It is time to seize the day.

And now for resolution updates:

Home Organization Binder:
It's coming along swimmingly. I just wanted to show you some examples of how I am setting it up.
a section title with list of things I am adding
an example of one of the sheets under a main section
my little baggie of random creative ideas

Creativity Bootcamp Day 1:
Day 1's challenge... unfortunately chosen around sunset which is about as conventional as lighting gets

I was practically blind after taking this picture.

this is pretty conventional, but I still liked it enough to post
And finally... the picture that I am labeling "The Christmas Day Massacre"
Photojournalism at its best

Other Recent News: I have been looking at more "Big Girl" Jobs, as Angela would say. I have waaayyyy too many interests. I'm interested to see where I'll be by the end of this year.

On the Schedj: Wycliffe's TOTAL It Up next week. Be back home in BCS sometimes after the 14th!

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