I'm off on a week-long training session hosted by Wycliffe Bible Translators. I'm quite excited, for a variety of reasons---to learn more about linguistics, to hear reports from the field, and learn from others who are devoting their whole lives so that people may hear the Word of God in their heart-language. I'm sure that I'll have many things to say about that once I get home.

Basically, this was a pointless blog post :)

A Funny: So, I was reading Adoniram Judson's advice to missionary candidates, and his second point was this---
Secondly. In choosing a companion for life, have particular regard to a good constitution, and not wantonly, or without good cause, bring a burden on yourselves and the mission
No, dear. I cannot marry you. I don't care if you have a heart for spreading the gospel in Asia. You're prone to colds, and I have no time for that sort of nonsense.

His ninth point was on being sure to maintain your health through exercise, and another point mentioned that most missionaries who went out to Asia died within five years, so it was probably a reasonable concern.

It's still a little funny. I'll bet you've never seen that on people's list of attributes to seek in a wife/hubby.

A Truthism: I cannot wake up before 10am to save my life. Which is a problem since I work at a high school.

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