many waters cannot quench love... neither can tornados

Those of you who don't read Glamor's wedding section or know the Munsterman clan personally may not have heard of the wedding of the century. 

bobbi+mike photography captured the whole ordeal. If you have the patience to read the whole blogpost on the wedding, it's well worth your time. If you don't --- then maybe you'll change your mind after what I say here:

Matt and Emily's wedding was gorgeous, ideal, romantic---
photo from bobbi+mike photography

photo from bobbi+mike photography
ps - the foxy chick on the far left is the groom's sister and one of my dearest friends---LOVE her :)
---all until the weather took a cataclysmic turn for the worst and their reception tent was tossed by the forces of a tornado.
photo from bobbie+mike photography
Now you're going to look at the rest of the pics. I guarantee it. It's definitely a wedding that will not soon be forgotten.

But don't worry. True love triumphs nonetheless.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor will rivers overflow it
photo from bobbi+mike photography
Listening to: Clarenseau ... they're not bad. I like their 'Summer Love Song' a lot.

Prayer requestivo: I would so LOVE a job. And I found my dream job last night. Please pray that I would receive some good news, even if it's not the dream job---though it would be really, really great if it was!!!

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