Poems. I wrote them once.

I'm not really sure how old I was when I wrote this poem. It's in my Looney Tunes journal (the first of oh so many journals), so it's a safe bet that it was in fourth or fifth grade. 

It's been funny to look back at all of my old things. Much of it has been embarrassing. I was pretty immature (I mean, who isn't between the ages of ten and seventeen?), but it has still been good to look back and see that even as I was silly and little the Lord was still working on my heart and encouraging me to worship Him by creating.

This one is probably from high school, probably in the phase when I really liked Norse mythology.

House Update: Ever since pumping a lake out from underneath our house, things have just been going to shambles around here. The AC was broken and water was funky, but after some visits from technicians and plumbers, our house was finally inhabitable. I just moved back in yesterday. Lovely, right? Imagine my alarm when I hear a little squeakish sound from the wall as I try to sleep. Imagine my annoyance when I hear the scrape of little feet upon drywall. I don't know what this house has against me, but it wants me to move out.

Job Update: Someone, please hire me. Or click on all the ads you see on this page. Or both.

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